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The Vizicast Difference


Vizicast Multimedia will take you through the entire process, from the design to delivery. We can customize our offerings to meet your needs. The finished product is delivered on the medium of your choice: DVD, Facebook, Instagram, VIMEO, Google, Internet, LCD screen, video wall and even digital outdoor billboards. Vizicast Multimedia Solutions, Inc. builds and installs visual communication systems for employees and staff, customers or the general public via internal or public networks.

Easy-to-develop multimedia programs are scheduled and distributed to target playback devices, such as TV monitors, digital LED screens, video walls, point-of-sale and point-of-information displays.

From the start, our passion to communicate has driven us. Inspired us. Propelled us into the Information Age. Today, as organizations battle for market share, the power to communicate is essential, for the ones who communicate best... win!


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Vizicast Multimedia is an early adopter and a pioneer of push technology, enabling corporations to transform text and data into their own channels of visual communication through an array of Vizicast Multimedia Solutions.


Vizicast offers complete communication solutions.  A Vizicast Multimedia Solution will transform your intranet from a text-based medium to one that delivers communication with the fluency and impact of television.


Our core technology, when combined with our range of technical support services and creative services - Vizicast Studios, creates the Vizicast Multimedia Solution.

The Vizicast Multimedia Solution works with your current IT infrastructure, leveraging existing hardware and software investments, and maximizing the use of existing digital assets.


Using a Vizicast Multimedia Solution will facilitate your messages to have maximum impact whether they are being seen in the boardroom, in a shopping mall, hotel room, at home on cable TV, on the production line or in the office.


Vizicast Multimedia Solutions plugs together much more than TV's, PC's, kiosks and displays. Vizicast Multimedia Solutions connects the power and the passion of your business vision, your brand, your products, with the minds and the hearts of your staff, your sales people, your customers, your business partners, your world.


Because the one who communicates best... wins! 

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