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Vizicast Multimedia Solutions is proud to provide its customers the latest and most technologically advanced products offered by leading manufacturers today. Nationally recognized by equipment leaders such as Sharp, Sony, LG, Christie and more, we are positioned to provide quality solutions through the use of products, systems, and services for video and digital media content creation, distribution, and management.


Vizicast is committed to offering you the very best multimedia package to fit your needs. Vizicast is constantly searching for new products and services that offer cutting edge technology in broadcast multimedia technology and dynamic signage solutions.


The Vizicast Multimedia Solutions provide you with the ability to create, schedule, manage, distribute and dynamically playback individualized content to one or thousands of displays across the room or around the world from a single desktop. Vizicast provides the ability to segment the dynamic signage network in any way shape or form. Vizicast enables further customization down to the local level including an unprecedented level of integration. This offers exciting new opportunities to organizations and advertisers seeking to communicate more effectively.


Here are the dynamic digital signage services we provide:


Dynamic digital signage design services

Robust multimedia players

Award-winning dynamic digital signage software

Software configuration

Complete dynamic digital signage system integration into your existing infrastructure

Commercial display devices

Professional installation

Content creation

Software training

Creative and technical support


Hardware and software maintenance


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Reliable, Low Cost, High Impact Advertising.

Dynamic digital signage is an exploding industry offering venues ranging from retailers to entertainment complexes to corporate offices the opportunity to distribute rich, multimedia content and information to customers, employees, and passersby.


Dynamic signage is the new targeted mass media.

With dynamic signage systems powered by Vizicast Multimedia Solutions, the need to produce costly videos and DVD’s has been eliminated. Our ability to deliver content to thousands of screens ... instantly, leaves video and DVD networks obsolete. In addition, by using a Vizicast Multimedia Solution, you have control over the timeliness of customer communications, while still allowing for some basic local insertion, such as schedules and pricing. The days of blank screens and ads running after a promotion ends are over!

Multimedia Development


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