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At Vizicast Multimedia Solutions, our mandate and commitment is to understand your needs and provide you with the perfect solution based on your requirements. Our goal is to become a trusted resource by establishing partnerships with our clients.


Vizicast’s capabilities offer a wide variety of visual communications solutions because our clients' needs are so diverse. We are uniquely able to provide our clients with the most comprehensive current digital video, audio and communication equipment and solutions available today.


Vizicast’s primary strength as a reseller and integrator of visual communication products and services is our ability to provide a wide variety of recommended solutions and the expertise to make it work. We are uniquely qualified to combine different products and services into exciting new applications that enhance workflow and productivity


Why choose Vizicast?

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Vizicast Multimedia Solutions:  Experts in providing the following professional services:


Network Services & Content Management:

Dynamic digital signage


Content distribution

Ad scheduling

System design

Technical Support

System and Software Maintenance

Data integration

Creative Services

3D Authoring

DVD Authoring

CD/DVD Duplication

Tape Duplication

Multimedia authoring

Graphics and logo design

Video production

Video editing

Digital file conversion

MPEG1 and MPEG2 encoding

Media optimization

2D and 3D Animation

Music & sound


Installation & Training

We offer a complete array of installation and training services for all necessary software and hardware products.


Syndicated Content Services

News, weather, sports, trivia, financial information, sports, word of the day, this day in history, entertainment and special interest.


Professional Services

Consulting on how to get best ROI etc.


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